Iguana island Bahamas

Flying from Miami to Bahamas we spend a few days in Nassau. It was amazing. Just what you would expect, amazing beaches, blue sea, the friendliest people and everything so vibrant. Not only did I want to visit Nassau one other main reason for going was to visit the swimming pigs on pig island. It [...]

Walking with flamingos

One of my most favourite places I’ve ever been has to be Aruba, hands down. The main reason being flamingo beach on renaissance island. Getting there is fairly straight forward but you have to book. They only allow a set number of people over to the island which is around a 15/20 minute boat trip [...]

Can you believe I rented a gold fish for the night? 🐟

You should believe it, it’s true and it all happened at Van Der Valk hotel in Brussels. Located just near the airport the Van Dr Valk is a unique hotel, it offers plenty of free parking, great hospitality, it’s stylish and you can rent a fish!!. The room was great loads of space, clean, very [...]

East Winch. April tulips 🌷

East winch - a place I had seen on Instagram of many tulips. Which coincidentally happen to be my favourite flower. We drove to Norfolk which is isn’t too far from home in Cambridge. The field was fairly difficult to locate. It’s literally a field surrounded by hedges so it’s not that visible when driving [...]

Tuscany’s secret.

 Driving through Tuscany, naturally in a Fiat 500 haha. The roads are Windy and the surroundings are green. It was quiet as it was Christmas Eve. driving for an hour or so we came across an amazing yet unexpected gem !! We could see it in the distance, a grey/ blue patch among the lush [...]

Wales – more than just snowdonia.

You think wales , you think snowdonia and mount snowdon but there is so much more. One of my favourite places I’ve visited is Llanrwst, a small town. Along side the river there is a pretty little tea house. The thatched cottage is covered with climber plants. I was there around April and although it [...]

‘Puffin’ around on skomer island! Nesting time for the puffins.

Skomer island, located just off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales. It’s beautiful, untouched and full of nature.  Catching a small boat over to the island takes around 15 mins with a return time In four hours. Be sure to take water and food with you. There is literally nothing on the island but beauty, not [...]

Sun sand zoo in San Diego. Panda 🐼

Stopping to chill out after trekking and hiking for the best part of two weeks at Zion National Park , Grand Canyon monument valley and more. San Diego zoo - I love Animals but I do hate to see them in captivity, I believe they belong in the wild for sure. After hearing San Diego [...]

My favourite place. It never gets boring. The Grand Canyon.

To me,it’s a place like no other. Since being a child I’ve visited here many times and it’s always been a place that sticks in my mind. Every memory of being here is a good one. I LOVE IT!!! There is a feeling I get from standing at the top just looking across at the [...]

Antelope canyon – the next stop on the roadtrip

Close to Page in Arizona you’ll find antelope canyon! I didn’t do much research before going, I usually would. It’s protected land of the natives, which means gaining access into the canyon isn’t so straight forward as just turning up!  You need to pre book a time slot to be taking into the canyon by [...]

America Roadtrip – travelling to find a sunset.

Passing through Page in Arizona on our roadtrip, a must see is horseshoe bend and antelope canyon. Two beautiful places. Both well sign posted and easy to access. Page it’s self has hotels, bars and restaurants etc it’s a great place to stay for a night or two.  One of my most favourite things to [...]

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