Tuscany’s secret.

 Driving through Tuscany, naturally in a Fiat 500 haha. The roads are Windy and the surroundings are green. It was quiet as it was Christmas Eve. driving for an hour or so we came across an amazing yet unexpected gem !!

We could see it in the distance, a grey/ blue patch among the lush green grass. It stuck out like a sore thumb. We had to investigate. The closer we got the sooner we realised what it was, the smell of sulphur became strong and you could see steam rising over the area! 

We pulled up along side was looks like an abandoned building and right next to that building was a natural hot spring !! A very beautiful one too. Water from its source falling down into little pools, the water was an aqua blue and so clear you can see right down into the bottom. 

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Several locals were here bathing in the pool. Off we went to the changing room which was the abandoned looking building and we got straight in. It was the perfect temperature, like being in a bath. Beautiful for the time of year it was only 5 degrees c outside but it does smell strong if sulphur. The pool did turn my Jewellery a different colour it almost looked tarnished but it buffed up back to normal luckily. 

It is free to enter the hot springs there is parking too. I’ve visited many hot springs but this one is my favourite by far. 

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