Escape Vegas for an hour or so Visit the seven magic mountains !

As much as I love Las Vegas it is hectic and busy but full of fun. Even relaxing by the pool is still a party and sometimes you just need a break. If you’re looking for something to do out in the desert Away from all the hustle and bustle, that is still close by,... Continue Reading →

Sun sand zoo in San Diego. Panda 🐼

Stopping to chill out after trekking and hiking for the best part of two weeks at Zion National Park , Grand Canyon monument valley and more. San Diego zoo - I love Animals but I do hate to see them in captivity, I believe they belong in the wild for sure. After hearing San Diego... Continue Reading →


So...from Lake Louise we took an amazing route to jasper via icefields parkway. Non stop the drive is around three hours but there is so much to stop and see along the way. It’s well sign posted and you will see many campers along the route. So prepare for places to be busy, but it’s... Continue Reading →

First stop Lake Louise!

Flying from London to Calgary and getting a hire car. The plan was to drive from Calgary to jasper taking the scenic route of course! I couldn’t wait to get to lake Louise the pictures I’d seen were incredible and that it was. Be sure to get there early as the crowds will start to... Continue Reading →

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